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Hello all, this is my first post on this blog, I'm quite new at this but very excited to see how it turns out! For my first post, seeing as Summer is coming up here in England I thought I'd share three of my favourite nail polish colours at the moment for the warmer months. So let's get into it!

My absolute favourite colour and polish right now is Rimmel London's super gel in Darling Dahlia. I think this colour is perfect for summer when you might be a little bit more tanned than usual. I find that when I am tanned red shades such as this make my tan look darker and help my skin glow. It is also very easy to apply as it is a 'super gel', this means that it gives a near enough salon finish when two coats have been applied. It also lasts up to two weeks which I think is very reasonable for the price of the product. 

Secondly, I recently purchased Barry M's Gelly High Shine Nail Paint in Sugar Apple. I love this turquoisey blue colour, so when I found this nail colour I was very very happy! I think it is great for Spring and Summer as a light shade that can be worn with florals or to finish off an elegant shirt or maxi dress. This probably sounds strange but I find the colour relaxing to look at, I think this is because light blue is a calming colour and is associated with the sky and the sea which are both relaxing elements. Anyway, back to the polish! I love the texture, it is quite thick so you only need two coats to make your nails flawless. However I did find that on application there arose a few air bubbles on my nails, this could've been because I applied too thick a coat, but just beware of this when applying these Gelly nail polishes.

A third favourite shade at the moment is W7's UV nail polish in the purple shade. I love the colour that this polish builds up to, it is soft, perfect for both Spring and Summer because of it's light tone. It is a build-able polish meaning that initially it does not create an overall coverage on the nail, but can be darkened with a few coats to create a soft beautiful lilac colour.

Finally, at the moment I am personally loving the Rimmel London Super Gel top coat to set my nails in place, making sure that they wear for as long as possible. This has a gel-like consistency and makes my nails look flawless, even if I haven't applied my polish extremely well. It dries very quickly and makes sure my nails don't chip for at least a week.

So there we have it, my favourite nail products for the Summer! I would just like to note that I have not been sponsored to write this post, this is my personal opinion. Thank you for making it to the end of my first post!

lots of love,

Vicki xo

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