Tips for when you're feeling down ♡


Everyone has those days where something hasn't gone quite right or you generally feel down in the dumps for no reason at all; it could be an app crashes on your phone or you spill your drink and you're suddenly balling your eyes out! I know this has definitely happened to me but I'd like to share a few tips to make yourself feel a little better when you're having one of those days/ moments.

1) Take a deep breath, lie on your bed or the floor or wherever you are and stare at the ceiling for a few seconds or minutes and you will (hopefully) slowly come to the realisation that getting upset and crying isn't going to make your problems go away or help you realise that maybe what you're crying about isn't worth it and there are better things you can be thinking about or doing. (I know this might not be the case for some people.)

2) Disconnect from the world. Turn your phone off or put it in a drawer and try not to keep checking it every five seconds, this will quite possibly make you feel worse about your situation, so get away from it.

3) Put your onzie on. Forget fashion and looking 'good', what even is makeup? Throw your hair up, put your comfy clothes on and snuggle in a blanket, maybe even find out your old teddy bear that you used to love, this childhood memory is bound to make you smile.

4) Grab your favourite food, even if it the most unhealthy snack on earth and you are on the strictest summer body diet, take some time to sit back and enjoy the food, remember why you loved it and forget that it has about a thousand calories, because all that matters is that it cheers you up and makes you feel better.

5) Turn on the cringiest film or netflix series, preferably a comedy, because laughter drowns a thousand tears ;) and engage in it. Binge watch it until you fall asleep or you forget why you were feeling down.

6) Don't worry. It is always necessary to take some time for yourself, don't worry if you have a million things you should be doing, you can do them tomorrow. After all the binge watching, you might feel like getting up early the next day to start your work afresh!

~ Vicki xo
ps. there is no good in crying, think about the headache you'll have in a few hours, that is motivation enough to cheer up!

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