Does it last? #1 Rimmel London Velvet Matte nail polish review


Hello again! Today I am starting a series titled 'Does it last?' where I will wear a nail polish for a week and review it at the end of the week to see whether it chipped or stayed perfectly in place. I know that when I buy nail polishes I want to know if they last, so hopefully this will be helpful for someone out there.

The first polish I will be reviewing is Rimmel London's 'Velvet Matte' in 'Purple Opulence'.


This nail polish was very easily applied all over my nails, it applied evenly and was not too thick or lumpy in consistency. It didn't take long for me to get a perfect finish on my nails, I did two coats and that was fine for me. It applies as a shiny polish but within a few seconds dries matte and stays firmly in place. I usually find nail polishes that smudge or get funny patterns indented into them due to thick application. But this polish did not smudge or crease at all which I found impressive.

After a week...

I was rather disappointed with the outcome of the polish after a week. I thought I had found a pretty good quality polish as I had such a nice experience with the application of it and loved the finish it produced on my nails.

However, I have found that it has lost it's 'matte' look, it is now just like any regular, shiny polish. It has chipped quite badly, the picture to the right doesn't highlight quite how bad the chipping is. The polish is almost see through when looked at up close. Bearing in mind, I am on summer break from sixth form so I'm not doing a great deal for my nails to chip badly. This has happened whilst performing simple household tasks and watching TV. I'm joking, I've done more than that, but nothing too laborious that has put a lot of stress on my cuticles.

So overall, I would say that it is a lovely polish for the application but may need an overcoat of some description to keep it in place as it chips easily over a few days.

If this was helpful or you have another product you wish me to review please let me know in the comments or email me :)

Till next time...

~ V i c k i  xo

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are my own, I have not been paid by anyone to write this, they are purely my findings on this product.

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