Perfect gift ideas for your bff xo


Good afternoon! And what a lovely afternoon it is here in England. I'm sat outside blogging and enjoying the sunshine, hopefully catching a few rays before I go on holiday in a few weeks time. What I like to call a pre-holiday glow 

Today I will be sharing a few of my personal favourite gift ideas that are simple, but thoughtful and hopefully not too pricey! So here we go...

1) A personalised phone case. I have made a few of these in my time, they are simple to make once you've found the right website, and not overly expensive. A website I like to use is vistaprint, I made my best friend a case for her birthday from there and it was such good quality and not too time consuming to create. If personalised cases are one step too far for you then another good idea is to find out what their favourite tv programme or actor or disney character (my personal favourite idea) is and search on Amazon or Ebay for that particular product. These sites have thousands of ideas, both of my phone cases are from Ebay or Amazon and you can't tell the difference from an expensive skinny dip case.

2) A picture frame with a lovely photo of you and your friend, or a picture of your favourite place, favourite actor, favourite food; it's up to you ;). I gave my sister an awful picture of me for her birthday because I knew it would make her laugh, you could do the same, because at the end of the day it's the thought that counts and you want to make the other person happy on their birthday!

3) A gift box full of their favourite sweets and chocolate! To top this off you could write out a fake gift card saying that they have a free movie night at your house which ties the sweets and chocolates into it. The good thing about giving presents in gift boxes is that the box can then be used for storage, I know I use a gift box to store all of my special birthday cards that I have collected and kept over the years.

4) A set of bath bombs or soaps in a wicker basket. This is perfect for bath lovers as not only have they gained more products to use, but they have gained a rustic, stylish storage unit for them as well!
I bought the bath bombs separately, the one on the left is from my local garden centre, and the one on the right is from Lush Cosmetics. You can purchase a wicker basket such as this from a local home-ware store or a store online for an inexpensive price.

5) Treat your bestie to a pamper night. Building on previous ideas, you could create a gift card saying that they have an invitation to a world class spa: your house. Again you could give her a gift box containing her favourite food, a movie, face masks and makeup and treat her like a princess for the night, waiting on her hand and foot while she is relaxing and having a lovely birthday treat that she will never forget!

I hope you like some of these ideas, if you did let me know in the comments :)
Till next time...
~ Vicki xo


  1. Love these ideas they're so great especially the pamper night!

  2. I need to show these to my bestie, fingers crossed I can get a personalised phone case for my b-day!! ����