Does it last? #2 Rimmel London Super Gel by Kate ♥


Hello everyone! Hope you've had a lovely week, I'm here with another nail polish 'does it last' review. I have worn the Rimmel London Super Gel by Kate's polish in 'Darling Dahlia' for just over a week so I will now be sharing my personal opinions on the product.

On application...
The texture of the polish is quite thick which means that it has a fairly full coverage with only one coat, I applied two coats to make sure there wasn't any unevenness and this made the polish look shiny and fairly flawless! I do find that I have to leave this polish to dry for quite a long time unless I get weird lines when I brush against clothing or go to sleep. 
But once dry, the polish has a smooth look and feel and I love how professional it makes my nails appear. The colour is a striking red and is perfect for a night out or to match with a little red dress for a date night perhaps. 

After just over a week...
I was really really impressed with the length of time this polish kept for! It has only chipped slightly round the edges (partly where I have picked it off myself when I was bored). But mainly it has remained a striking red, with a smooth texture and only slight lining where the varnish has cracked over time. 
This is why this polish is a favourite of mine, I would really recommend it! 

Vicki xo

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