Frosty Nails


Hello all! 
Today I'll be telling you how to achieve this icy nail design, it's really easy, and uses just two polishes with a top coat.
The polishes I used: 
(from left to right) Nail paint by Barry M, Nail paint by Barry M in 'Sugar Apple' &
Maybelline Super Stay Gel nail Colour

So, first of all you should file your nails and shape them to the desired look you want using a nail file, and also remove any remaining polish you might still have on your nails, to make sure they look fresh and clean to repaint.

Then, you should take Barry M's Nail Paint in 'Sugar Apple', and paint a very thin coat on your nails and let it dry. When it is dry you should add another thin coat onto your nails, and repeat this step until you have an even coat of the blue paint on your nails. I found I only needed two coats to have a full coverage. 

Now to add the ice... 
You should shake the glittery nail paint well and open the lid with quite a bit of polish on the brush. You should then paint the edge of your nail as if you were doing a french manicure (but don't worry, it doesn't have to be perfect). 
Then you should place the brush length on your nail vertically to create a line (type thing), as the 'icicle', again this doesn't have to be perfect. Continue these actions around your nail until you have a water droplety type design. I think that this design looks better when it's not perfect, as icicles and water droplets never look the same as one another. Plus, the sparkles make your nails look pretty and glittery, so it doesn't matter if the nail art isn't perfect! 

You should have then created something like this, and you can leave it to dry for a bit, and then add a top coat to even out the layers and make the design look more airbrushed. 
I hope you enjoyed this nail design and it made some sort of sense! 

See you soon and Happy New Year!

Vicki xo

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