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Hello Everyone!
It's a busy time of year at the moment, with course-work deadlines and exams around the corner. But it is always necessary to take a break for a while, to de-stress and relax.
That is why, today, I will be sharing a few shows on Netflix that I have been loving recently. 

1) Orphan Black

This is definitely my favourite program at the moment, even though I haven't watched it for a while. It is about a woman who finds out she is part of a project containing a series of clones that are under threat, with one clone having just committed suicide. It is one actress playing numerous (and by numerous, I mean absolutely loads) of different characters, and I just find it fascinating watching her, because I always forget that this is just one woman playing all the clones! I've probably not done the show justice in my description, but honestly I got sucked into it in the first season, and would highly recommend!

2) Gilmore Girls
I am currently watching this show and I love it! It's safe to say I want to be Rory Gilmore, and I wish there was a Stars Hollow world like there is a Harry Potter world, because I would be the first there! This is such an easy program to watch; it's about the life of 'the Gilmore Girls': Lorelei and her daughter Rory. She had Rory when she was sixteen, and ran away from her controlling parents to start a new life not too far away. They are not only mother and daughter, but best friends, and share every experience together. It's basically a program following Rory's life through High School and into College, with all her ups and downs and heartbreaks and embarrassments. Such a good watch! 

3) White Collar
A program about a man who is put in prison but escapes living in prison by agreeing to help the FBI solve cases with a sensor on his ankle for the duration of his sentence, to make sure he doesn't do a runner. I love this show because it's witty, interesting, and the main character is not too bad on the eyes either 😉

4) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Now this is one of those programs that you either love or hate in my opinion. Personally, I love it! I can see why some people would get irritated by the constant bursts into song by the main character, but I find them addictive, and I think life would be great with a few musical numbers every so often! The plot is basically what it says on the tin, a girl who bumps into her summer camp boyfriend, and packs up her life to go and live in the same place as him, even though he has  girlfriend. She moves from New York, where she has one of the best paying jobs at a Lawyer's firm, to West Covena, earning very little at a small lawyer's firm. However, she meets a lot of new and interesting people along the way, and I just find it very enjoyable to watch. 

5) Life Unexpected
This is a new series I found not so long ago, about a girl who has lived in foster care her whole life, who wishes to break free from care and live on her own. So, she goes in search of her real parents (one of which doesn't even know she exists), to get their signatures for the forms she has to fill in, and ends up living with her real Mum. I haven't watched too many episodes of this, but I love it so far, it's funny and original and I'm excited to see what happens next! 

⤑ Vicki 

ps. this post was not sponsored, these are my own opinions expressed. 

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