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Hey guys!
I hope everyone has had a lovely week, it's Friday!! I can't believe how fast this week has gone, pretty sure my brain is still in holiday mode, and I keep getting the days mixed up, whoops!
Today's outfit pairs a simple, plain baggy white t-shirt with some black jeans, a statement grey jacket and some detailed grey pumps. Whenever I wear a baggy t-shirt I always tuck a little bit of it into the front of my jeans, I find it gives more shape to the t-shirt and your figure. 
Also, I have been searching for ages now to find a pair of black jeans that aren't too expensive but are fitted and don't gape at the ankles, but I am still yet to find some! I usually go for the Topshop 'Leigh' black jeans but my last pair were just too big on the ankles, and when I'm not going for that look it is not too satisfying! If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know in the comments :)
Anyway, I am highly looking forward to the May day bank holiday on Monday, although I will probably be spending it with my head in the books revising for my A-Levels that are fast approaching... Oh well, still nice to spend it at home. 
Speak soon,
Vicki xo 

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Top | Misguided
Jacket | River Island

Jeans | Primark
Shoes | Primark 

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