Jewels & Simplicity


Hello again! 

Weather update as per: it's sunny for once! Apparently we were supposed to have a heat wave in England last week, but it seems to have arrived this week instead! Which is fine by me because any good weather is welcome. The sun makes me so much happier, it's bright and warm so you're not constantly reaching for a cardigan or scarf in some cases.
It's my last week of sixth form this week, how time flies... But then onto study leave, and soon enough exams will be over and it will be summer!
I'm currently on the hunt for a prom dress though, having some luck, think I might go for a floral print for the summer, and dress it up with a clutch and of course some sort of glitter eye makeup. Any excuse for glitter I will take. Anyway, watch this space for my prom outfit! 

On to the outfit... 
This is a super comfy (generic) jeans and t-shirt once again, with this fabulous two piece necklace. I just love the colour of the jewel, and it has a sort of festival feel to it, and I love me some festival style, so a hint of this in an every day outfit is just a yes! 
So pairing together the earrings and necklace really dresses up the otherwise boring ensemble! 

Have a lovely week!

x x x


  1. Omg it's my last week of first year this week and it feels like it's gone in the blink of an eye! I love this outfit too! The jacket is gorge!!!! Xxx

  2. I love that jacket, where is it from? I saw something similar in River Island the other day :)

    1. Yeahh it's from River Island, it's so soft and comfy!x

  3. I love that jacket, it's so cool and perfect for spring! Also the necklaces are so pretty xxx

    1. Thank you! It really is the most comfortable lightweight jacket I own!xxx

  4. Amazing post, love it! ♥
    Maybe follow for follow? :)

  5. Hope your exams have gone well!! Love your jacket! Xx