The trench, for when the Summer rains...


 Good evening all!
Home and watching Suits after a lovely day eating Pizza and playing arcade games; love acting like a kid every once and a while, who knew collecting tickets could be so addictive!
Today's outfit suits the ever changing mood of English weather at the moment, warmth for two hours, rain for five, and repeat...
The trench coat is light but still provides a water proof layer for when it's warm but rainy. I think it's nice to pair it with a simple top and jeans for a really casual outfit, with the trench being the main focus. I've had this one for a few years and haven't really worn it much, so I'm glad that I've found an outfit that I love so I can wear I can get some more wear out of it.😊
Here I am, looking drowned, as per usual with my short arms 😊
Obviously how I used to look when I played hop-scotch in the junior school playground 😂
The outfit:

Trench | Krisp clothing
Jeans | New look
Shoes | TopShop

Have a great week!
x x x

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  1. That trench is so cool! I also love the jeans xxx