The perfect outfit for the airport...


The bro making an appearance...😂
pretending that this isn't completely posed at all...

Hello everyone!

I'm back after such a fabulous holiday with the fam in Rhodes. I have a LOT of photos to share, but I decided to start off with the comfiest travel outfit I could possibly conjure. A cropped hoodie, with leggings, a baseball hat and my trusty Adidas.

It's so simple, plain and most of all comfy, you can't go wrong! Plus, you can put a crop top underneath the hoodie so that if you are flying somewhere hotter, like I was, then you can take the sweatshirt off once you are there and you are all set for the heat!

Perfect outfit to slob out on the plane, then look somewhat put together when you arrive (especially with the cap covering the 'travel hair' situation, you know what I'm talking about ladies).

So now I have a few days of intense packing before I head off to the big city (well, bigger city), wish me luck, there's lots to do!


x x x


  1. So comfy and cute! Have a blast in the big(ger) city :)

    Mia |

  2. Love that travel outfit! I always go for that same type of clothes when travelling xxx

  3. Comfy look is perfect for traveling.