The shirt of dreams


 Wow, to say I'm jetting off to somewhere sunnier tomorrow, I feel stressed! Who knew there was so much to do to enroll at University! I feel like I'm missing something constantly & now the website won't let me log in to retrieve my welcome timetable. First world problems, I know.

So to take my mind off inductions and books that I should have read but haven't, here I present you with the comfiest smart shirt on the market. It's perfect for a slouchy look as it's oversized and has the coolest slits down the side. This gives it a special something something, and also a lovely breeze whilst you're out running your errands😄 Paired with a simple tennis shoe, black jeans and a large watch, you'll be turning heads in no time 😏

Till next time...

x x x

 The outfit:


  1. Love that shirt! You can wear it in so many different ways xxx

  2. That's a lovely top, good luck with University! x

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