Wake up call...


Hello... is anyone still here?

I can't believe (well I kinda can) that it's been a month since I posted here. Somehow you took a back seat, yet again. 
Freshers is over and I'm trying, hoping and pleading to get into a regular routine at Uni. I'll definitely be getting a whole lot fitter with the new amount of walking I'm doing I can say that for sure. I haven't walked this much since they forced you to do laps in PE at school! 

Anyway, today I'm talking wake up calls. Those little nudges you sometimes need to force you on a different track, or maybe to find your way back to an old path that you had drifted away from for some reason. I think that we all lose our way sometimes, and we need bad things to happen so that we can appreciate when good things happen, and also so that we can learn to appreciate ourselves and love ourselves a little bit more. This is definitely the case for me anyway. 

Recently I had a wake up call, which I won't go into detail about, but I will say that I needed that bad experience to realise what I actually wanted to do, or what I actually want more rather. It has taught me that I shouldn't settle, I should go through life without expectation, but be surprised when good things happen, not be disappointed when they don't happen. It's the old saying:

"Be surprised, never disappointed."

I think this is a really great motto, because if you live with constant expectation of greater things, you will never be quite satisfied with what you currently have, you will always be searching for something bigger. Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't seek greater things out of life, because you definitely should. I'm saying that we should learn to be content in the present, because this is what you've got, there is no point wasting your time on something that isn't going to be, when you can focus on all the other blessings in your life and be happy with them. That way, you'll never be open to disappointment. Each new opportunity will be a surprise, a new excitement, not something that you expected to happen anyway. 

So, here's to wake up calls, I've had about 1374839 of them already in the short span of my life, and will probably have a trillion more to add to that list. They are necessary. They are needed. And they are useful. We should use wake up calls, that often happen at the most random moments, as our motivation to move forward with whatever it is that is going to make you the happiest version of you there is. 

See you shortly...

x x x

ps. can we definitely ignore the fact that these pictures were obviously taken at a much sunnier time in a whole different place to where I am currently, thanks :)

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