What 2017 taught me


Happy New Year! 

I was extremely ready for the new year to arrive, 2017 was let's just say, a difficult one. But even though it had it's moments, I learnt a lot and thought I'd share a bit of new found knowledge. 

1. Let. It. Go.
Sometimes things don't work out, you can try over and over with something or someone, but it will never work out. You have to accept that, and let it go. There is no point trying to hang onto something and trying to raise something that has died. Probably the most valuable bit of wisdom I gained this year was in the last month or so, and that was: if someone is willing to walk away from you, then let them walk. If someone is supposed to be part of your life then they will make themselves a part of it. There is no point tearing yourself apart trying to hold onto someone that doesn't want you. Some day something or someone will come along and you will realise why the other situation didn't work out. It may not seem like there is a reason for the failure of the current situation, and there may not be. At this point it's necessary to just accept what you have no control over and let it go. Don't waste time thinking and overthinking everything, because in a month's time this situation probably won't mean anything to you as you'll have moved on. 

2. Never settle.

There is a perfect type of life for everyone; it is our job to seek out our own personal perfection and live it out. If there is even a tiny part of your life that you aren't completely secure and content with, discard it. You only have one chance at life, so there's no point sticking around things that don't fulfill what you aim to do in your lifetime. If an area of your life doesn't better you or your chances of success, or bring you joy or fulfillment in any other way, then it is pointless to have in your life. Equally, if there is someone in your life that doesn't bring positive or encouraging energy, you don't need them in your life. Don't settle for a person who doesn't bring the same amount to a friendship as you do. Have respect for yourself and know your worth, never settle for something that takes more energy to keep up than the amount of happiness it actually gives you.

3. Everything works out in the end.

Sometimes bad things need to happen so that we can appreciate when good things come your way. I was playing with one of those Christmas cracker toys where you have to throw mini hoops onto a pole. It was frustrating because I could barely ever get the hoops to land on the pole. But when they did it was so satisfying! This sounds like such a stupid example but it made me realise that you do have to fail a million times with things before you finally have one success. You have to look at things from different angles and find different routes to attain one certain goal. And once you've gone through so many failures, when finally you achieve success it'll feel so much more satisfying knowing that you've overcome any obstacle you may have come across. It may seem like nothing is going your way; but it's usually right at the moment when you're about to give up that the best things happen and everything falls into place exactly how it is supposed to.

Here's to 2018, do you, and make it happen. 

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