'Flower Curl' by Cordina review


Hello all!

Today I will be reviewing the Flower Curl by Cordina Hair that the lovely Yanika at Cordina sent me a couple of months ago.

I'll first of all explain a little bit about the curler and share my thoughts and opinions after testing it a couple of times, and I will also explain how you use the product and show my before and after results.

So the Flower Curl is a heatless curler that you leave in over night to create really bouncy, intense ringlet curls. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when it said 'heatless' as I've had experience with these types of products before and they have been less than successful to say the least. So it was a lovely surprise when the curler did exactly what it said on the tin and more! I was expecting a loose wave at best but the curls were long lasting, tight and voluminous.

I tested the product a couple of times before taking my before and after shot, the first time did not go as well just because I assumed that you needed wet hair for it to dry nice and curly in the morning. However, I found that my hair didn't dry when it was ravelled up in the rings so the next time I tried it I used dry hair to curl it into the rings and then sprayed it with water once it was gripped in place. This worked extremely well and I couldn't believe how tight and bouncy the curls were!

The only thing I would say is a negative for the product is that I personally couldn't figure out how to curl my hair the way I wanted to, as I personally like my curls going away from my face, but all of the curls went the same way. I'm sure on further testing I could figure out the right way to twist my hair around the rings to create my desired look.
How to use the Flower Curl:

1) put all of your hair up into the doughnut 
2) Separate your hair into sections depending on how many rings you decide to use (my hair is thick so I used all four rings)

3) Twist the hair through the ring and out again as many times as it takes to come to the end of your hair. Then grip it in place. The curler comes with grips in the box which was a nice addition so you don't have to worry about finding any of the pesky things. 
4) Spray your hair fully with water, not soaking wet, but to a dampness that would be able to dry over night.

5) Have a pleasant nights sleep (which I thought I was going to struggle with but it was actually a rather comfortable head rest!)

6) Take out all the grips in the morning & unravel your hair from the rings. Be careful not to tug at your hair because you don't want it to get caught and start becoming fly away. You should be left with tight ringlet curls to enjoy all day long. If you want you can put some hairspray in to keep the curls for even longer. I personally prefer mine a little bit looser so I left mine to drop throughout the day.

To conclude...

I would really recommend this heatless curler as an alternative to curling hair every day using heat which can really damage and break hair. Especially for those folk like me who want those few extra minutes in bed in the morning!

If you want to purchase a Flower Curl head over to https://www.cordina.co.uk/ or just head over there to see my little face in the bottom right of the homepage 😉

My Before and Afters
Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, the item was kindly gifted to me but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thank you so much to Yanika for sending me such a lovely product!

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