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Hallo hallo,
And can we all just appreciate the fact that joggers seem to actually be acceptable to wear as part of real outfits these days :D hahah 
Anyway, thought I'd share the comfiest outfit that graces my wardrobe at the moment, with some pictures that made it to the gram (@vickireckless if you managed to find this post through some other means ;)) anddd some outtakes to keep it #real.

So here you are.... 
when you just wanna sunbathe but bae insists on taking pictures of you... hahaha joke 70% of my photos I have my eyes closed
And the other 30% usually look a little like this.... idk whether I'd just seen a cute dog, or whether I was about to fall over ??

Told you my eyes are always shut...

And finally, quite possibly the ugliest photo I have ever posted to the Internet... I feel like it's my birthday and I'm just exposing myself rather than everyone else doing it for me.

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  1. Great outfit - this is definitely something I would wear! I love to be comfortable whenever I am running errands or doing some shopping, so I would definitely rock this look. Thanks for sharing!
    Jenna ♥
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