How to spot a fake friend


When I was doing my daily (more like hourly) (okay half an hourly) scroll through 'the gram', I came across a post by @chloegottsfit, who btw posts the bestttt workout videos to follow for the gym, but that's beside the point. Anyway, in her post she talks about friendship, and one thing in particular stuck out to me that she said.

She spoke about how you should always be able to be your fullest, truest self around your friends, which is true. But she also said that real friends will speak behind your back in the exact same way they would to your face. And this hit me because I'd never really thought about it in that way. It started to make me think about my friends and think about those that I could trust completely to speak the exact same way about me to others as they would speak about me to my face; and also those that probably wouldn't. Then this got me thinking about fake friends, and how to spot them with this sole principle in mind.

With that said, I've composed a short list to help identify those that probably aren't the most up-front in your friendship circle, and those that would be handy to keep around you, that actually do have your best interests at heart.

Number One → 
If you've ever been afraid to tell your friend something because you're scared they're going to spread it to the rest of your friendship group, or to others in general that you don't want to know; or because you think they will judge you for it/ it will change their opinion of you, then they're probably not the most loyal friend of yours. True friends will take anything you have to share or work through onboard, they won't let themselves think less of you, and they will encourage and support you in any way they can. Real friends should not make you feel worse about things. 

Number Two 
If you feel like you can't be your true, fun and fabulous complete self around one of your friends, then ditch them! You shouldn't waste your time pretending to be someone you're not, when you probably have/ can make friends who appreciate you for exactly who you are or want to be. This links nicely with... 

Number Three 
If your friends don't celebrate you and your successes, no matter how small, they are not the truest of friends. Real friends support your life's goals, even if they seem a bit out there or unattainable to them. It's perfectly reasonable to air concerns, but ultimately they should support and help you in any way they can. And if they get jealous of your success to your face, then that is definitely a no no, and you should ditch as soon as poss. They can be jealous, but they should also have the sense to keep it themselves if they are😆.

Number Four 
Lastly, and possibly most importantly, if your friends give up on you/ aren't there for you when you're at your lowest, they don't deserve you when you're at your best. True friends stick by you through thick and thin. If someone suddenly stops messaging or meeting up with you because they know you're going through a hard time and aren't your usual self, then they aren't people you want to be associated with. This goes for relationships as well; if people are only willing to hang around you when you're at your best, and get fed up of you when you're not, then they don't deserve you, and you can do better. 

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