Satin Slip..


I am just LOVING anything satin this summer, really wish I'd bought more of those satin maxi/midi skirts, they always look so elegant and classy, with the minimum amount of effort possible, which appeals to me on a spiritual level. 

I just find this sort of dress, especially when sized up, falls over my hips so nicely. As my curvy girls out there will agree, finding things to fit nicely in all areas of the trunk can be a challenge! But this sort of style is perfect for a date night, a nice meal, a girls cocktail night, or can even be dressed down with converse and a denim jacket for a daytime look. I'm finding the slip style evermore versatile, and have even seen more fashionable people than I pair these dresses with a big t-shirt tied at the back or front to create a makeshift satin skirt; which I have to admit, saying this, I might have to try out. 

This particular dress is from Nasty Gal, and I was so impressed with the quality of it, seeing as it was very inexpensive. I have also got a lovely shorter slip dress from Miss Selfridge (pictured below), and have seen numerous in places like TopShop, Missguided.. well I don't need to tell you, they're in virtually every clothing store right now haha! 

I just think they're perfect for most occasions, especially on holiday, when you may be a little raw, as displayed below 😆. They're lovely light numbers that you can just throw on, and can even get away without a bra which is just a win win in every case. 

The only thing I would say, for the clumsy folk among us (myself included), be careful with drinks or lotions, as they do tend to get water marked easily. So get your pics before dinner😜!

First outfit:

Dress | Nasty Gal
Bag | Nasty Gal
Shoes | New Look 

Second outfit: 

Dress | Miss Selfridge
Bag | New Look 

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