Advice for Lockdown 2.0 ♥


 It is a funny old time, and a funny old year. In many ways it feels like the year has dragged, but also it's sped by in the blink of an eye. The best way I have seen it described is that is feels like the week between Christmas day and New Years Eve! 

Now that the UK has dived into another lockdown, albeit a bit differently this time, I thought I'd share some tips to stay motivated and positive during these difficult times. 

1. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. If you've been furloughed, or are working from home, it can seem like a step backwards and can be demotivating to say the least. The best thing you can do is take each day as it comes and set yourself small tasks to complete each day. Ticking off small things like making your bed and showering always seems to brighten me up and give me that extra push to carry on with the day. If you keep beating yourself up that you haven't achieved anything in the day, then it is most likely that that energy will be propelled forward into the next day and the next after that. 

2. Schedule in time for FaceTimes with friends. So often, even at home, we put off calling our friends purely because we feel we 'don't have the time'. I know I do it myself, I fully intend to have a long awaited catchup, but then I don't feel my best or the next episode of Bake Off is on so I must watch that instead! Then the next thing I know it's been three weeks and I still haven't chatted to my old friend and asked how she is. If you actually plan in the video chat/phone call into your day, then not only does it make you feel productive, then it will actually mean that you go through with the call. And how much better will you feel after a few laughs with a mate?! 

3. Get your daily dose of fresh air! I know it's very misty and cold in the UK at this time of year and going outside may feel like THE last thing you want to do. But believe me, having just isolated for two weeks, I feel the benefits of stepping outside more than ever. There is also something different about the feel of the cold air on your cheeks, the feeling of achievement when you make it home and put the kettle on and get in your pjs for the night. Not only will you get your limbs moving after potentially sitting at a desk or in front of a screen of some description for the best part of the day, it will also, as they say, blow away some cobwebs. I know a long walk helps me think through things or if you're walking with someone, I always end up getting into a deep chat and solving the conundrums that the day has challenged me with. 

4. If you feel like it, set yourself a small challenge for the month to come. For me, I've challenged myself to get my flexibility back up to the level that it was when I used to dance twice a week. A small, five minute challenge could take you a long way, and I recommend documenting it in any way possible, and see how far you've come from your first day. It will feel amazing I bet. 

5. Acknowledge any doubts or concerns you feel throughout this time. I say it all the time, keeping a journal of your feelings really really helps. It allows you to work through your problems and get to their root cause a lot more efficiently and effectively. Once you know why you're feeling a certain way you can begin to find solutions. By keeping a daily journal it is also like speaking to someone about all your worries, without the fear of judgement. I always think as well that keeping a journal will be so interesting for you to look back on in ten years time, especially whilst going through a literal pandemic! One for the grandkids to keep for sure!

I hope these tips brought a little motivation for the month to come, and I hope you take comfort knowing that this will not last forever, and we will get through this together!

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Speak soon,


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